How to start your free SugarWOD trial

Let's get your Trial started! 

Step 1: Navigate to If you are not logged in it will look like this: 


Step 2: Click on "Sign up!" or Log In and follow the steps to get logged in.

If you are logged in and not a part of a gym it will look like this: 


If you are logged in and a part of a gym it will look like this - at this point you are ready to start your trial! 



Find or Create a Gym:

Step 1: Search for your gym. We have 1000s of gyms already built in so there's a good chance we already have your gym listed. 


Step 2a: If you find your gym select "Join [Gym Name]" 


Step 2b: If you cannot find your gym, please create it by entering the following information: 

  • Gym Name
  • Website (optional) 
  • Type of Gym

Click "Create and Join"



You're all set!

Your trial will be started and you'll see the screen below with some help links to get you up and running! 


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