How to: Publish your Class programs to gyms

Follow the simple steps below to publish your workouts out to gyms subscribed to your programming: 

Navigate to Publish Workouts:

Select Publish Workouts from the header next to your name: 


Step 1: Select Your Product

Click on the 'Select a Product' dropdown and select the product which you want to publish workouts for: 


Step 2: Select Your Workouts

Use the Tracks & Dates fields to select a range of workouts that you want to publish. All the workouts that are displayed below will be published in Step 5:


Step 3: Select Target Subscribers

Select the gyms you wish to publish to in this step. You can select one by one or hit the 'Select All' button on the right of your subscriber list:


Step 4: Select Target Dates

You can publish to the sames dates (selected by default) or to a custom start date. For example, you might select Custom Start Date if you wanted to publish out to a date in the future for a scheduled challenge.  


Step 5: Publish Now! 

Confirm the number of workouts to publish & number of receiving subscribers and click the Publish button. You will be asked whether you would like to notify the subscriber(s) by email. Then you're all done! 


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