Workout Scoring Options

SugarWOD has 4 factors you can use to define the scoring for a workout. The two main requirements are "Score Type" and "Number of Sets". Optionally, you can select "Multi-Set Scoreboard Calculation" and "Scoreboard Sort". 

1. Number of Sets- How many scores you want to collect from athletes for a particular workout. For example, 10 Rounds of 2:00 min Max Cal row= 10 Sets. Each set must be of the same score type. 

2. Score Type- Score type indicates what scoring measure athletes are logging. SugarWOD has the following Score Types: 

Score Type Input Scaling Option? Multiple Sets? Default Sort Default Multi-Set Calc  Example
Time  Integer, Decimal Yes Yes Min  10 sets of 200M Run
Rounds + Reps Integer Yes Yes Max The Chief, Max Rounds in X Minutes 
Reps Integer Yes Yes Max  
Load Decimal  Yes Yes Max 7 Sets of 1 Front Squat + 1 Push Jerk 
Unscored  N/A No No  N/A  N/A Warm-up, cool down
Checkbox   N/A No No  N/A N/A   Task completed. E.g. Buy-ins, skill work
Emoji N/A  No No  N/A N/A   Work completed, how did you feel?
Calories Integer  Yes Yes Max Calories rowed in 2 mins, Assault bike calories in 5 mins 
Points Integer Yes Yes Max  Nutrition Challenges 
Meters  Decimal  Yes Yes Max Distance rowed in 5 mins 
Inches  Decimal  Yes Yes Max Max box jump 
Centimeters  Decimal  Yes Yes Max  
Feet  Integer / Decimal  Yes Yes Max Max Broad Jump 

**Decimal= two digits (e.g. Time= 1:25.25 seconds)

3. Multi-Set Scoreboard Calculation- When you have more than one set, SugarWOD can perform a calculation to determine the athlete's score to be displayed on the scoreboard and elsewhere in the app. This only applies to multi-set workouts. For lifts, only successful lifts are included in the calculation.

  1. Maximum - e.g. Athletes score will be the largest score of each set. Could also be used for Run 4x400m where your score is the "slowest" 400m you ran.
  2. Minimum - Athletes score will be the smallest of each set e.g. Tabata where your "worst" set is your score. This would also be the default for all "For Time" workouts.
  3. Sum Total - e.g. Fight Gone Bad add up the reps for each of the 3 cycles. Or, "Run 4x400m, Rest 1:1" where your score is the total of all 400s run.
  4. Average- the Arithmetic average of each set.  
  5. First- Will always choose the result in the first set
  6. Last- Will always choose the result in the last set 

** Zeroes in "trailing sets" are ignored.

4. Scoreboard Sort- The ability to define the sort order of the scoreboard per workout. See the table above for the default scoreboard sort for each score type, but you can override these. 

Now that we've calculated the score, which ones go on top?

  1. If a workout is has a Scoring Type of Load, Reps, Rounds+Reps, Calories, Inches, Meters, or Points, by default the scoreboard will be sorted by "descending" e.g. "bigger is better".
  2. If a workout has a Scoring Type of Time, by default the scoreboard will be sorted by "ascending" e.g. "less if better". 
  3. Some timed workouts, like "Max L-Sit Hold" we would want to sort the scoreboard by "descending" e.g. "bigger is better".
  4. For Custom Workouts, this default can be changed by the coach.

Tabata example: You have 8 rounds of reps and your scoreboard score is your worst round, e.g. the minimum. The Scoreboard Calculation would be Minimum. However, the Scoreboard Sort should be sorted as the "biggest" first or Descending since the best score of the gym should go at the top of the scoreboard. 


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