How to: export your data from Wodify

If you are coming us from Wodify, we can import your athlete's past benchmark and barbell history into SugarWOD. We have full instructions and details for importing your athlete's workout history in our help article here, but first, you will need to export your athlete's data from Wodify.  

We import CrossFit Benchmarks (e.g. Girls, Heroes, Games, Notables), most Barbell lifts, Endurance workouts (e.g. Run, Row, & Ski) and any of your Gym Named workouts provided that you have created them in advance (add a Gym Benchmark here). 

Note: Wodify only considers a workout a "PR" the second time the workout is logged. If you've only done Annie once, it will not appear in this report. Unfortunately, we have not found a way to get around this limitation of Wodify with the exports. 

To export your gym's workout data from Wodify:

-Login to your Wodify Account and select Reporting from the dashboard. Under Reporting, select Performance Results


-From the menu of Performance Results, select Performance Results: PRs.

The PR Results will look like this:report-step2_copy.png

Select the Export button at the top of the PRs table. 

Once you have exported your athlete's workout history from Wodify, please follow the import instructions in our help center here


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