What does the trial process look like for my customers?


Coaches and gym owners who are interested in purchasing your products through the SugarWOD Marketplace may trial your product before they subscribe. We highly recommend publishers allow for their products to be trialed in the Marketplace. 

1. Choose a product in the Marketplace, and click on the "Try X Days Free" button. The number of days available to trial is dependent on the Publisher's settings.  



2. SugarWOD needs to know where to deliver your programming. Select the Workout Track you would like the workouts to be delivered (e.g. Workout of the Day). Select the Date you would like these workouts to begin. Gym owners will have to agree to the Terms of Use before clicking the Get Your Live Sample Now! button. 


3. Once complete, gym owners will get confirmation that their trial has started. Please note: the workouts can take 1-3 minutes to show up. Gym owners will receive an email within a few minutes of starting their trial with the details of the trial and your publisher's contact information. 


4. Gym Owners will see the workouts on their Programming Calendar page delivered to the track they have selected. The workouts that are delivered by your publisher will have their name and logo in the bottom left corner of each workout so as to not confuse other workouts or components that might be added to the day. 

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