What does my customer’s sign up process look like?

Coaches and gym owners who are interested in purchasing your products through the SugarWOD Marketplace will follow the steps below to purchase and set up their subscription.

To sign up for a product:

1. Choose a product in the Marketplace, and click on the "Sign Up Today" button.


2. Verify your information in the cart and click "Subscribe Now".


3. After your purchase is complete, you will see a confirmation receipt. Now, click on the "Configure and Active Now" button to set up your programming subscription. If you want to complete the setup later, you can continue by clicking on the "Settings" > "Gym Account" menu and choose "Subscriptions", or click here


4. SugarWOD needs to know where to deliver your programming. Click on the "Configure" button to select a workout track. This is the track where programming delivered for this subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions (e.g. a Workout of the Day subscription and a Competitors subscription), each subscription can be delivered to the same or different track.


5. With a track selected, your subscription is ready to go. Click on the "Activate" button to notify the publisher that you are ready to receive their programming.


6. That's it, your programming subscription is active! You will receive workouts delivered to your calendar based on the schedule of the publisher.


If you need to cancel your subscription in the future, you can return to this "Subscriptions" page and click the "Cancel" button.

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