How to: create Stripe coupons

The SugarWOD Marketplace will recognize any coupons you create in your Stripe account. If a customer adds a coupon code in their SugarWOD shopping cart, SugarWOD will attempt to validate that coupon code against your Stripe account and will let the customer know if it has been accepted or declined. 

To add coupons to your Stripe account:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Billing, then select Coupons
  3. Click the New button at the top right.

  • Percent Off or Amount- Choose a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount for your customers.
  • Duration- How long will the coupon last once applied to the customer? e.g. Once, Multi-Month or Forever.
  • ID Code: This is the code you will share with your customers. This is the code they will enter on the Checkout screen when signing up for your product. We recommend you make your IDs all uppercase and use dashes instead of spaces. For example, if you offer a 25% off for the first 3 months, your ID Code could be '25-FOR-3".
  • Max Redemptions- How many times can the coupon be used in total e.g. First 25 customers to sign up.
  • Redeem by- Coupons can only be redeemed up to the date you choose.

SugarWOD supports all Stripe coupon features including percentage discounts, fixed dollar discounts, one-time use, multi-month, etc. 

Note: Currently, Stripe coupons are not product specific. Any coupon you create can be used with any product in your Marketplace. 



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