How to: create Stripe subscription plans

Every product that you offer through the SugarWOD Marketplace needs a corresponding Stripe Plan. Once a plan is created, go to your SugarWOD product page to link this Stripe Plan to your product. You can link your Stripe Plans to your SugarWOD Products here

To add a new Subscription Plan/Product: 

  1. Login to your Stripe account:
  2. On your Stripe Dashboard, select Subscriptions and then Plans.

  3. Click the New button at the top right

  4. Fill out the appropriate fields and click Create plan


Field Notes:

  • "ID"- This field is important for connecting your SugarWOD account to your Stripe account. We recommend you make your IDs all lowercase and use dashes instead of spaces. For example, 'general-athlete-program".
  • Name- This name will be displayed on your Stripe Dashboard
  • Interval- SugarWOD Marketplace only supports monthly Stripe plans at this time
  • Trial Period- You do not have to fill in the trial period field. You can choose the number of trial days your potential customers may receive through your Product Marketplace settings in SugarWOD here.  
  • Statement Description- This is how it will appear on your customer's bank statements 


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