How to: set up your products

After you have set up your Storefront (see instructions on this here) you will need to set up the products you will offer. Your Product details should be comprehensive but brief. Use your website to dive into the products you offer fully. 

To set add a new product to your Marketplace storefront, log in to SugarWOD(

  1. Choose the Settings menu by clicking the cog/gear icon in the top left menu area.
  2. Under the Marketplace section select Storefront Settings or go here
  3. Select the Products tab and click the "add a new product" button
  4. Enter the name of the new product and select if it is going to be available for "Group Classes" or "Individual Athletes". 
  5. Choose if this will be a One-time Charge or Recurring (e.g. Monthy subscription).


To edit a product:

  1. Choose the product name from the drop-down menu. If you just added a product, it will appear in the drop-down.
  2. Fill out all fields for the product:
    • Product Display Name- This is the name of the product you are offering
    • Class or Individual Athlete- You cannot change who this product is available to after you have made the distinction (e.g. You cannot change a Group Class product to Individual programming and vice versa)
    • Recurring or One-Time Charge- You cannot change the subscription type once you have made the distinction (e.g. You cannot change a One-time charge to a recurring at a later date)
    • Active in Marketplace- Your product will not be visible in the Marketplace until you make it active. Make sure it is set up how you want it. You can preview your products before they are Active here
    • Product URL- This should be a deep link directly to any corresponding product information you have on your website. (e.g. Marketplace visitors clicking the "Learn More" link will go to this webpage.
    • Product Sort Order- Sort your products how you want customers to view them in your Storefront
    • Stripe Plan- Every product must have a corresponding plan in Stripe. This is the plan SugarWOD will subscribe your customers to if they purchase this product. Once you have connected your Stripe with your SugarWOD account, this area will populate with all of your available Stripe plans for you to select from. 
    • Price to Display-  How you want the price to be displayed for this product. This is a freeform text field to display the price appropriately (e.g. "FREE" or "$25 USD"). 
    • Free Trial Days?- We recommend using the SugarWOD Marketplace Free Trial capability to give your prospects a free sample of your programming. SugarWOD publishes a sample of your programming directly to the prospect's calendar. You will receive an email notification of the prospects contact details whenever a trial is started. Free trials are only available for Group Class products. We recommend a 7-day trial. SugarWOD will allow a gym to sample each of your products just once. To see a dashboard of current or past trials click here.
    • Publishing Tracks- 
      • Group Class Products- Select the track(s) that should be published to a Gym subscriber when they purchase this product. 
      • Individual Products-Select the track(s) that your Individual Athlete subscribers should be given access to when they purchase this product.  
    • Description- Include product benefits, differentiators (what sets you apart from others?), and specifics about what they will receive
    • Product image-Choose an image that reflects your product
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