How to: set up your Marketplace Storefront

To launch your storefront in the SugarWOD Marketplace, you will need to set up the basics of your business. This is the first impression customers will have of you when they visit the storefront. For examples of how other sellers have set theirs up click here.  

To set up your business or "store" in the Marketplace:

  1. Choose the Settings menu by clicking the cog/gear icon in the top left menu area.
  2. Under the Marketplace section select Storefront Settings or go here
  3. On the Business & Brand tab, fill out all fields:


  • Marketplace "Store" Name- This is the name of your company as you'd like it to appear in the marketplace
  • Business Web page URL- link to your business' website
  • Contact Email- public email address that will be seen by your customers and where we will send notifications (new trial started, new customer) don't put your private email address
  • Description- Overview of approach, credentials, any accolades not necessarily product specific. recommend 6-8 sentences. 
  • Attribution- Subtitle.  
  • Accent Color- Brand your store from a color featured on your website, or whatever you please
  • Terms of use URL- Link to webpage with any sort of legal, limitational liability, suitability. Subscribers must agree to these terms before they can start.  
  • Logo- Thumbnail image displays next to your store name on the Marketplace page
  • Cover image- Larger image displayed with your storefront. This is one of the first things visitors will see on the Marketplace page in relation to your business and the products you are offering. 
  • Save Changes! 

If you have any questions please send us an email to 

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