What do the Workout Visibility levels mean?

Athletes can select their Workout Visibility in the app if they would like to control who will see the scores they log, and who can view their Athlete profile. 

To adjust your Workout Visibility go to Tools & More> Your Settings> Workout Visibility.

You will see four different settings: Only Me; My Friends Only; My Friends and My Box; and Everyone

Everyone means that everyone at your box as well any other athletes using the app. If they search for you and go to your Athlete page, they will see your logged workouts and your participation stats. 

My Friends and My Box would include anyone you have friended in the app as well as all of the athletes at your box.  

My Friends Only would allow those you have friended in the app to see your Athlete Profile and workouts logged. 

Only Me- Your workouts logged and athlete profile are not visible to anyone in the app, even if you have previously added friends. 



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