Why are both “Snatch” and “Squat Snatch” on the Barbell Lift list? Aren’t they the same thing?

In the SugarWOD barbell lift list, we've included "Snatch", "Power Snatch" and "Squat Snatch". But aren't "Squat Snatch" and "Snatch" the same thing? Well, depends on who you ask.

With the CrossFit.com programming, a workout with Snatch as a movement will often mean that the athlete can choose either a Power Snatch ~or~ a Squat Snatch. 

Of course, with Oly lifting a Snatch is ALWAYS a Squat Snatch.

Similarly, this all applies to Clean, Power Clean and Squat Clean.

Since we have athletes who participate in both Oly and CrossFit HQ style programs, we decided to include both movements as a programming capability. Use whatever is appropriate for your box.

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