What are the technical requirements for using SugarWOD?

Mobile Apps:

  • iPhone app (requires iOS 7.0+) Download from App Store
  • Android app (requires Android 4.1+, "Jelly Bean" or greater) Download from Google Play
  • iPad (requires iOS 7.0+) - we don't have an iPad-specific version, please just install the iPhone version

Coach's Website:

SugarWOD.com supports the most recent two versions of the 4 most popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome (recommended)
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Microsoft Edge


BoxTV is a web page, and any modern browser will display it well.

There are several possible configurations for displaying BoxTV on a TV screen:

  • direct connection using an HDMI cable from a computer to the TV
  • using Google ChromeCast from a computer, laptop or ChromeBook
  • using an Apple TV from a Mac computer, laptop or iPad
  • some "Smart TVs" will have a web browser built-in, this may work in some situations depending on the TV manufacturer


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