How do I export my box's workouts to a csv file?

There are a couple of ways depending on what you need to use the data for.

1. Athletes can export their own workout results directly from within the app. Go to "Settings" then choose "Export as CSV".

2. Coaches can export benchmark workout result data (for analysis in a spreadsheet) for all athletes in their box. In the coach's website, go to the "Performance" area, then choose a benchmark workout (e.g. "Fran" or "Back Squat"), then click on "Export as CSV"

3. Coaches can also export their programming calendar workouts. In the coach's website, go to "Settings" then "Tracks" ( Workouts for each track of programming can be exported to a separate CSV file.


All of these export options will create a CSV file which can be opened in any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Apple Numbers, OpenOffice, etc.)

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