What are the technical requirements for BoxTV?

BoxTV is really just a webpage. In general, anyway that you can get a web browser to show up on your TV screen will work. The SugarWOD Box Screen can be displayed on any TV or monitor that is connected to a web browser. The 3 most common ways to connect your screen:


Note: An iPad requires an AppleTV connection, Google's ChromeCast is not compatible with and iPad for BoxTV.

The screen will automatically pause each night at 9pm and will advance to the next day in the morning.

Be sure to put the browser into "full screen" or "presentation" mode to get the best effect.

If you are showing the movement videos, we also recommend that you install a free ad blocker in your browser to block the ads that can sometimes play before a YouTube video. Click to install an ad blocker extension for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.

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