How do I control who joins my gym?

We have implemented a security system where you can create a PIN or access code for your gym, e.g. "SQUATS" or "FRAN" or "GETFIT" or whatever. This PIN is for the whole gym, you do not have to create one for each new athlete.

We suggest you include the PIN in your 'welcome' emails to new athletes. Or on a small sign at your front desk much like you would for your WiFi password if you share that with your members. When a new athlete downloads the SugarWOD app and selects your gym, they will be asked for the PIN (just once). Once they are in, they never need to enter it again.

If somehow an athlete gets in improperly, just can remove them with the web admin tools. If the PIN was improperly shared, you can remove athletes here and change the Access Code.. Current athletes already in SugarWOD will not be affected, they do not need to re-enter the new PIN.

Similar to a WiFi password, the first time an athlete tries to join your gym, they will be asked to provide this Access Code. Once an athlete joins your gym, they will not need to use the code anymore.


  • The Access Code is not case-sensitive. 'MyGym' is the same as 'mygym'.
  • Keep your gym 'open' when first launching SugarWOD. After a week or two, set an Access Code.
  • Do not put your Access Code on your website, blog or Facebook page.
  • Put the Access Code at the front desk where only your athletes can see it.
  • If you send athletes a "Welcome Email" when they join your gym, include the SugarWOD download link and Access Code.

You can set your gym's access code here:

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