BoxTV movement videos are not playing on iPad/iOS devices

Unfortunately, due to an Apple restriction, SugarWOD can not "autoplay" videos on Safari for iOS. The video will play if you tap on it, but that isn't very helpful if you're broadcasting your iPad up to a TV screen through AppleTV.

Here is an excerpt from YouTube's website:

Warning: To prevent unsolicited downloads over cellular networks at the user’s expense, embedded media cannot be played automatically in Safari on iOS — the user always initiates playback. Due to this restriction, functions and parameters such as autoplay, playVideo(), loadVideoById() won't work in all mobile environments.

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll have a workaround for this, it is an Apple/iOS decision.

You can either:

a) turn off the video option on BoxTV when using from an iPad, or

b) use a laptop / chrome book of some kind

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