I think I've lost my workout data, can it be recovered?

Most problems like this occur when someone mistakenly creates multiple accounts. SugarWOD uses email addresses to uniquely identify an athlete. If an athlete signs in with a new email address, a new account will be created.

a) You might have multiple accounts. Maybe you signed up with a different email address? Try signing in with your original email address. A coach at your gym can pull up the gym's athlete list and see if you have more than one account. Your coach can also reset your password if necessary.

b) You might have accidentally created a second account by signing in with Facebook. If you originally signed up with SugarWOD with email address "A", then signed into SugarWOD with Facebook (but your Facebook account uses email address "B"), then SugarWOD will think your are a new athlete and create a new account.

c) There may have been a typo when your account was created. We see many email addresses like "joe.athlete@gnail.con"

If your coach can not find or fix your account for you, we may be able to help. Please email our support team (hello@sugarwod.com) and include your name, email address(es) and the name of your gym.

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