Squarespace: how to open SugarWOD with a menu item

By default, your website visitors can open or close SugarWOD from the "WODs" button. Optionally, you can configure SugarWOD to open/close from a menu item in your SquareSpace website. 

This is done by adding a "Link" type menu item and pointing it to a URL of #sugarwod-toggle.


1. Add the SugarWOD plugin script to every page of your website, following our instructions here:


If you don't want the circular WOD button to appear on every page, make sure you turn that off in your SugarWOD options, using the button option like this: button: "no".

2. Create a menu item (maybe called Workout of the Day) that points to a "Link". Here is the SquareSpace help article on to create a Link:


3. When setting up the link, don't have it point to a full URL, have it point just to a hash tag: #sugarwod-toggle

That's it!

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