SugarWOD plugin: installation and configuration instructions

This article is intended for the website administrator, WordPress admin, or other technical person who is installing the SugarWOD plugin into a gym's website.

The SugarWOD plugin will work on any website. A few lines of script just need to be added to any page that you would like to have access to SugarWOD.

The script can be found inside the SugarWOD administration site, note that you need to be a coach or owner of your gym to have access:

Here is an example of the script:

  window.sugarwod_options = {
    id: "YOUR-GYM-ID-HERE",
    color: "#e36c09",
    button: "yes",
    position: "bottom-right",
    label: "WODs",
    toggleClass: "sugarwod-toggle",
openOnPageLoad: "no", } </script> <script src="//" async></script>

This script should be added to the HEAD or before the closing BODY tag.

The options are:

id: the identifier for your gym, this is a required value. This can be found at the plugin link above.

color: the accent color used in the plugin. Any html color is valid.

button: should the circular "WODs" button be displayed, valid values are "yes" or "no". Default is "yes".

position: where on the web page the button should be display, valid values are "bottom-left" or "bottom-right". Default is "bottom-right".

label: the label for the "WODs" button. Default is "WODs".

toggleClass: any element on your webpage that has this CSS class will act as a open/close toggle for the SugarWOD plugin. For example, add this class to a menu item that you want to open SugarWOD. Default is "sugarwod-toggle".

openOnPageLoad: if "yes", the workout whiteboard will open immediately when the page and plugin load. Default is "no".


Please email with any questions.

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