WordPress: how to open SugarWOD with a menu item

By default, your website visitors can open or close SugarWOD from the "WODs" button. Optionally, you can configure SugarWOD to open/close from a menu item in your WordPress website. 

This is done by adding the css class "sugarwod-toggle" to a Custom Link menu item.


1. In your WordPress admin area, go to "Appearance" > "Menus"

2. Click on "Custom Links" to create a new menu item. For the URL, enter "#" (remove the "http://" part, it should just have "#"). For the Link Text, enter "Workouts". Do not enter the quotes ("). The Link Text can be whatever you want your menu item to be (e.g. "WOD", "Daily WOD", etc.). Then click the "Add to Menu" button.

3. Now click on the new Custom Link menu item you just created to open up its options. Locate  the box "CSS Classes".

If you see the "CSS Classes" box, skip to Step 5.

Otherwise, do Step 4 to make the "CSS Classes" box appear:

4. In the upper right of your WordPress admin page, click on "Screen Options". In the section labeled "Show advanced menu properties", select "CSS Classes". This should make the "CSS Classes" box appear. Continue to Step 5.

5. In the box "CSS Classes", enter "sugarwod-toggle". All lowercase, do not type the quotes (").

6. Click on "Save Menu".

Now test your menu. Refresh your website page and try clicking on your new menu item. SugarWOD should appear!

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