How do I join or change my box?

In SugarWOD, we often refer to "box", "gym" and "affiliate" interchangeably.

To join or change your box, follow these steps:

1. Go to the More page of your app and select "Your Gym":


2. To join a box (or to change your current box), tap on the "Select My Gym" button. If you are not a member of a CrossFit gym, tap on the "I'm an Independent CrossFitter" button.


3. After tapping "Select My Gym", you can choose to search for a box by name or location. Or, just tap on "Show Nearby Boxes" to see boxes near your current location.


 4. After selecting a box, you will be automatically logged out of SugarWOD. Just log back in to complete the box change.

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