Why is my Whiteboard empty?

If you've just joined SugarWOD, it's possible that your Whiteboard looks like this: 



Here's how to make your Whiteboard more interesting:

Join a Box

If you joined SugarWOD as an Independent CrossFitter, join a box! SugarWOD has 9000+ gyms in its database, go ahead and join yours!

If your coaches are using SugarWOD, they may have already added workouts for you. If not, you can still share workouts with other athletes in your gym.

How to join a gym or box


Add Your Own Workout

If you see the "Add a Workout" button, your coaches have allowed any athlete to add workouts to the Whiteboard. When you do this, all athletes at your gym will be able to see the day's WOD, add their result and socialize with each other.

How to add a workout to the Whiteboard

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