What is the Whiteboard?

Your Whiteboard tells you what is happening at your box today. You can switch days by tapping the arrows on the left or right side of the photo.

If your gym has been verified on SugarWOD, one of your coaches will probably have added your WODs already. If not, see this article to learn how to add workouts yourself.

If you are looking to log workouts that you have done individually, check out the Personal Logbook.

There are 4 sections within the Whiteboard:

1. The Photo

SugarWOD will pull a photo from your box's RSS feed, if it can find one. Otherwise, you'll see a spectacular photo pulled from the CrossFit.com RSS feed.

Tap on the arrows (or swipe left and right) to go to the previous or next day's Whiteboard.


2. The Workouts

These are the workouts that are scheduled at your gym today. Tap anywhere to see the Leaderboard for this workout. 

a - The workout title. For ideas on how to name your workouts see How to title your workouts.

b - The workout description.

c - Stats on the workout.

d - Tap here to log your result for this workout.


3. WOD Preparation


The WOD PREP area gets you ready for the day's workout(s). You will find past PRs (for Named or Barbell workouts) and movement instruction videos. Tap on any of these items your detailed detailed history or to watch the videos.


4. Box Stats & Info

Here's where you can find out what's going on in your community. This area displays information such as the number of active athletes from your gym, notice of new members, logged results, and engagement information.


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