Select the correct workout type?

You will see this screen whenever you schedule a workout, add a workout to the Whiteboard, or log a personal workout. Select the type of workout that best meets your needs.



1. Custom Workouts - these workouts are typically defined by you or your coaches. You can create these workouts manually in SugarWOD or pull them from an RSS Feed. Here are detailed instructions for manually adding a custom workout or pulling a custom workout from an RSS feed.

2. Standard Workouts - these pre-defined workouts include typical cross training movements, including:

3. Named Workouts - this library of named workouts are defined by Your history and PRs for these workouts are automatically tracked by SugarWOD. When new named workouts are created by they will be automatically added to your SugarWOD app. There are four categories of Named workouts:

  • Girls - Fran, Cindy, Diane, etc.
  • Heroes - Murph, Daniel, Griff, etc.
  • Notables - Fight Gone Bad, Filthy Fifty, etc.
  • Games - Open, Regional and Finals workouts

Here are detailed instructions for adding a Named workout.


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