Create a Custom Workout via RSS?

You can create custom workouts by pulling the workout details in from an RSS feed. SugarWOD has 100s of RSS feeds built-in. When you select a workout from a feed, SugarWOD will populate the title, description and attempt to figure out the scoring method based on the workout text. SugarWOD will also scan the workout and add any matching movements found.

1. Select "Pull from RSS"


2. Tap on a feed from the list. If available, your box's feed will be on top. Followed by featured feeds from across the CrossFit community. Tap on "More Feeds" to see a list of feeds from 100s of other CrossFit gyms.

3. Select one of the workouts available from your feed. Feeds typically contain 5-10 days worth of workouts.

4. Select the workout text from the feed. Try not to include other box news or announcements! Then tap "Next".


5. SugarWOD will try to figure out the scoring type. Edit the workout as necessary and tap "Log".

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