Create a Custom Workout?

If possible, try to use one of the pre-defined workout types in SugarWOD (Girls, Heroes, Barbell Lifts, etc.) These workout types will automatically track your history and PRs for you.

If you need to create a custom workout, follow these steps:

1. Select "Create Your Own"


2. Enter a title, workout description, scoring method and date.


The possible scoring methods are:

  • Time - scored as minutes and seconds (e.g. Fran)
  • Rounds - scored as rounds + reps (e.g. Cindy)
  • Reps - scored as reps only (e.g. Fight Gone Bad)
  • Load - scored as lbs or kgs 
  • Other - generic numeric value

Learn how SugarWOD can create Custom Workout from 100s of RSS feeds.

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