How do I set up an RSS feed?

With your RSS feed setup, adding workouts to your box's Whiteboard can be accomplished with 2-3 taps. Once the workout is added, all your athletes can simply add their result to it, post comment, give fistbumps and access the Leaderboard.

You can add or edit the RSS feed for your box directly inside the app. Follow these steps to setup your RSS feed:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Whiteboard and tap on the "Box Info" button.

2. On the Box Info screen, you'll see the address, website, etc. Near the bottom is an "Edit" button. If that button does not appear, that means that only a coach or owner of the box can edit this info. You'll have to contact them for help.

3. After tapping "Edit", you can type or paste in the URL for your RSS feed.


RSS links can be tricky to figure out because they depend on how your blog is set up.

Some common examples are:


For example, the feed is at:


It is hard to be sure until you try it!

TIP: Make sure your feed link starts with "http://". You will probably get an error otherwise.


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