How To: Workout publishing and notifications

Workouts can added to your Whiteboard at any time in the Coach's Center website. You can program your workouts as far in advance as you like. One day, one week or even a year ahead of time. SugarWOD will make the workouts available to your athletes based on the schedule your specify.

Workouts on the Whiteboard are visible to all coaches, both on the website and in the mobile apps. Workouts are visible to athletes based on the "Workout Publish Time" that you specify in your settings. Once a workout is published, it will be visible across all of SugarWOD: the mobile apps, the coach's website, your website (with our plug-in) and on your BoxTV.

For example, if you've programmed "Back Squat 5x3" for Thursday, you can have it publish to athletescWednesday evening at 8pm. Or, you can have Thursday workout publish at 5am on Thursday, the day it is to be done.

To set the "Workout Publish Time", go here:

The workout can publish on the day it is scheduled or any number of days in advance. 

Note: please check your gym's location settings to make sure the correct time zone is specified. SugarWOD calculates the publish time based on your gym's local time zone.

Optionally, SugarWOD can send push notifications to your athlete's mobile devices when the workout is published.

Note: The push notifications are available only for the "Workout of the Day" track.


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