Workout Tracks: Private Group vs. Public

Coaches and gym owners can make their workout tracks a Public (available to all athletes at your gym) or Private Group.

Private workout tracks can be used for added membership programs you may offer at your gym. This can be a Competitors program, Strength, OLY, or even the Nutrition Challenges you may offer throughout the year. 

To add/edit a workout track, go to the Tracks page on the coach's website here

  • On the Tracks page, select Add New Track
  • Enter the name of the workout track (e.g. OLY, Spring Challenge, Endurance, etc.)
  • Select OK. Your new Workout Track has been added to your gym.

By default, when a new Workout Track is created it is Public. SugarWOD will add all athletes to this track automatically. All public workout tracks will be visible on their Whiteboard page in the drop-down menu. 

Once created, you can make any workout track Private by selecting the Pencil icon next to Public under the Type column.

SugarWOD will ask you to confirm making this track Private and will inform you how many athletes are already following this track. 


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