My athlete has two accounts, what can we do?

If you have athletes in your gym who have multiple accounts, there are a couple of options to resolve this.

-If your athlete has created two accounts and has logged workout data in each one, we can merge the workout data into one account. Once the data has been merged, the athlete can Delete the duplicate account. 

-If your athlete has accidentally created another account but has not logged any workout data, they can Delete the new account. We can assist them with resetting their password and/or locating their original account to help them log back in. 

Note: Removing the athlete's duplicate account from your athlete roster does remove them from the gym, but it does not delete the account completely. Removing an athlete's account from your gym does not affect any of their workout data.  

If you have noticed that an athlete has created two accounts in your gym, please send us an email to with the athlete's name and possible email addresses used to create their account. 

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