I'm moving gyms and they don't use SugarWOD, can I still use it?

Athletes can continue to use the app independently to track your PR progress if they are not at an affiliate who uses SugarWOD. 

To become an independent athlete: 

-Go to the More page in your app and select Your Gym


-On this page, select I'm an Independent Athlete


-After selecting the Independent Athlete option, you will be logged out of SugarWOD to reset this preference. All of your workout data will come with you when you switch, you will not lose any data. 

As an Independent Athlete, you will automatically be subscribed to the CrossFit.com workout track, which you can log from your Whiteboard page as the workouts are published. You can also log your own workouts in your Personal Logbook

Check out these How To articles to get you started: 

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