Edit Barbell PRs

SugarWOD will automatically update any PRs with a Barbell workout, but there are instances where an athlete may need to update the numbers without physically logging a Barbell workout. 

To edit any Barbell PRs: 

-Go to the Me page in your app

-Select the Barbells PRs icon


-Select the lift you would like to update



-On the screen view of a specific lift, you will see the option to Edit PRs. (Note: You will also any Barbell history of this specific lift as well.)


-Edit any 1, 2, 3 or 5 RM PR numbers. Simply tap in the area next to the RM number and the box will appear with the number keyboard. Tap 'Done' when finished.


-In the example, notice how the athlete does not have a 1 RM established for this lift, but does have 2 & 3 RM numbers. After updating the 2 RM lift, the Barbell list page will show a new, updated 1 RM estimate. 



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