How to: Clone a Workout

On the coach's website, you can clone an existing workout to another workout track or schedule it for a future date if it is a workout you want to repeat. Cloning an existing workout will copy the exact workout and any coach's notes that have been added. Cloned workouts will appear in the History tab when selecting to view the workout. 

Clone a single workout:

Method 1:

  1. Locate the workout you would like to clone by scrolling through your Programming Calendar. Note: Using the search bar to drag and drop the workout will only find the workout details and will not include any coach's notes or add to the workout history. 
  2. Select the Cloning button Screen_Shot_2018-02-27_at_10.11.55_AM.png located in the bottom right corner of the workout 
  3. Select the Workout Track and Date for the cloned workout to be copied

Method 2:

  1. On the Programming Calendar page, select the workout to view. You will see the Workout Definition tab with the workout details and coach's notes
  2. Select the Publishing tab
  3. Scroll to the Clone Workout box. Select the Date and Workout Track the workout should be copied
  4. Select the Clone this Workout button

Clone an Entire Day of Workouts

  • On your Programming Calendar, locate the full day of workouts to Clone
  • Select the Cloning button located at the top of the Day and Date of the workout Clone_Day.png
  • Choose the Date and the Workout Track the workouts should be copied  


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