How to: Clone a Workout

On the coach's website, you can clone an existing workout to another workout track or schedule it for a future date if it is a workout you would like your athletes to repeat.

On the Programming calendar page, make sure you have already created your workout that you would like to clone.

To clone a workout:

-Add the workout to the week

-Select the cloning button at the bottom, right corner of the workout (the 2 pages overlapping icon). If you have created other tracks, SugarWOD will ask you what Workout Track it should be added to. If you select another track, the workout will be added on the same day you cloned the workout initially.

-Once added, select the edit button in the bottom, right corner (pencil icon) on the cloned workout

-On the edit screen, you can add/edit the workout description & title, add/edit coaches notes, change the date and change the workout track.

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