How to: Add a Gym Benchmark

Coaches can add/create Gym Benchmarks by visiting the coach's website. Similar to the preloaded Benchmark library, Gym Benchmarks:

  • can be programmed repeatedly with a simple drag-drop,
  • have automatic PR calculation, and
  • will maintain a history of progress for the athlete and gym.

For full details on this feature, check out our blog post on Custom Benchmarks here!

To add a Gym Benchmark to your affiliate's workout library:

  1. On the coach's website, select the Workouts tab and select Gym Benchmarks
  2. On the Gym Benchmarks page, select Add New Benchmark
  3. Be sure to give your benchmark a meaningful title! Only the title, workout description and scoring type are required. But, it is a good idea tag your workout with the appropriate movements.

Then, schedule your new benchmark on your Whiteboard!

On the Programming Calendar, click on "+" button to add a new workout. From the Benchmarks list, select Gym Benchmarks. There you will find your new benchmarks, ready to drag and drop onto your calendar!


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