How to: add a Friend in SugarWOD

There are a few ways you can request Friends in SugarWOD. You can navigate to an Athlete's Profile from the Scoreboard, using the Search tool for athletes from the Feed, or "Add Friends" from the Tools & More area. 

To add a friend from the Scoreboard, tap on their workout result. On their result screen, tap their photo. On their Athlete Profile, you will see the button to "Add Friend" below their photo. 

You can search for athletes by selecting the Friend tab. On the Feed, select the Friends icon in the top right corner. On this screen, you will see Friend requests you have received and Friend requests you have sent. To search for other athletes, select the search icon in the top right corner. You can search for athletes by name at any affiliate, worldwide! 

You can also access the Search tool by visiting the Tools & More tab. Under the Friends area, you can select to view your Pending Requests, view your Friend's list, and Add Friends. 

You can un-friend an athlete by simply visiting their page and selecting the Un-Friend button below their photo. 

When you send a Friend request, the athlete will receive a push notification on their screen and a notification in the Notifications tab. You can turn this off under Your Settings from the Tools & More page. 

To find details on What it means to be Friends in SugarWOD, click here

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