How To: Add/Edit a workout

Coaches can now access the coach’s tools on the Whiteboard page by selecting the slider icon at the top of the screen.  Once selected, a small menu appears giving you the option to go to Whiteboard Programming, Add Photo, or Add Announcement.

To add a workout:

-Select Whiteboard Programming. This takes you to the current week. If you have programmed workouts for the week, they will appear on this screen.

To add another workout:

-Select “Schedule a workout” on that day. Once you have selected a workout to schedule, you can select a different track by tapping Workout of the Day below the workout description. Your list of Workout Tracks will pop up and you can tap which one the workout should be scheduled to. Then tap the Schedule button. 

To Edit a workout:

-On an iOS device, swipe left on the workout you need to edit. A red Edit button will appear.

-On an Android device, tap the workout and you will be taken to the edit screen. 

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