What does it mean to be Friends in SugarWOD?

Being friends with someone in SugarWOD is a way to stay in touch with other CrossFit athletes at any box or even independent athletes around the world. 

If you would like to be Friends with someone in SugarWOD, you must send a request and they must accept it. Once you are officially Friends, it is a two way friendship between the athletes. You can see their activity and they can see yours.

Once you are friends, it allows you to:

  1. See their workout activity (at the affiliate or personal), shared photos and status updates in the Friends Feed. You can filter your feed to see only "Friends at Your Box", "Friends at Other Boxes" or "All Friends". To filter your Feed results, select the Filter icon in the top right corner on the Friends tab. 
  2. Filter your workout scoreboard. You can choose to see all scores in your affiliate or just your friends scores.
  3. View their Athlete Profile. You will have access to their current PRs (Benchmark and Barbell), Friend’s list and you can see their participation (Activity charts and participation stats).
  4. View their activity feed, workouts logged, statuses & photos added
  5. You can also set your Workout Visibility so that only your friends can see your activity rather than publicly or the whole box.  

For details on How to Friend Someone, click here.

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