321Go Project websites: special instructions

Gyms that are hosting their websites with the 312Go Project will need to have the 321Go Project support team add the SugarWOD plug-in. 

Because 312Go Project uses a slightly modified version of WordPress with some extra security in place, gym owners are typically not able to install extra plug-ins, such as SugarWOD.

We have many customers hosted by 312GO Project, and installation seems to be straight-forward.

To send the required info to 312Go Project, follow these steps:

1. In the SugarWOD admin website, go to the Website Plug-in Setting page.

2. Choose your options (color, labels, placement, etc).

3. Copy the plug-in script, paste it into an email to the 321Go Project support team.

4. Include a link to the Plug-in Section of our Help Center: https://help.sugarwod.com/hc/en-us/sections/203895497-Website-Plugin

5. On the email to 312Go Project, feel free to "cc" the SugarWOD support team (hello@sugarwod.com). If the 321Go team runs into any issues, they can email us back.

That's it!

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