How do I publish my workouts via RSS?

SugarWOD can publish your workouts in several ways:

  • To your gym's website with our Website Plug-in
  • To any feed reader (including your own website) with an RSS feed
  • To any website (including your own) with an embedded HTML page

This article discusses how to configure an RSS feed. We have additional articles on installing the Website Plug-in and creating HTML pages.

RSS Feeds are a common way that information gets shared on the web. A typical example is when we subscribe to a blog's RSS feed in order to receive new articles posted on that blog.

This article assumes you have a basic understanding of how to use RSS feeds. If you'd like to learn more about RSS feeds, start with these articles on Wikipedia, w3schools, and Digital Trends.

SugarWOD can publish any number of RSS feeds of your workouts in different configurations. For example, you can create a feed that has the "last 7 days of the Workout of the Day" and a separate feed that has the "current day's Oly Club Workout".

Note: RSS feeds to not have any visual style or format to them, it is up to the feed reader or website to set fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds, etc. If you are comfortable with HTML and CSS, consider using our HTML publishing option.

You configure RSS feeds in the SugarWOD website. First login, then:

  1. Turn on workout publishing on the RSS / HTML Settings page.
  2. Choose the number of days (into the past) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you only want to publish the current day's workouts. Enter "7" to publish the past 7 days of workouts.
  3. Choose the number of days (into the future) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you do not want any future workouts to be included. No matter your setting here, workouts will abide by the Whiteboard publishing settings.
  4. Choose the workout tracks that should be included in the feed.
  5. Choose the "RSS" format.
  6. Copy the URL.

The URL will look something like this:["workout-of-the-day"]

Repeat steps 2-5 to create as many RSS feeds as you need.

The URL that you copied in Step 5 can be used in any standard RSS feed reader. It can also be used to pull workouts from SugarWOD into your website.

Here are a few plug-ins that will make the job easier. Note that SugarWOD is not related to any of these services, but we will certainly do our best to support or help you.

  • FeedWind - WordPress / SquareSpace / any - create a configurable widget you can place on your website, has both free and premium paid versions.
  • WP RSS Aggregator - WordPress - can read and display RSS feeds, can also create blog posts from feed entries, "WP RSS Aggregator is the most comprehensive RSS feed importer and autoblogging plugin for WordPress with premium add-ons for additional functionality."
  • RSS Post Importer - WordPress - "RSS Post Importer is the Most Powerful & Easy to use WordPress RSS Aggregator plugin and does exactly what its name suggests: Import Full RSS Post"


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