How do I publish my workouts to an HTML web page?

SugarWOD can publish your workouts in several ways:

  • To your gym's website with our Website Plug-in
  • To any website (including your own) with an RSS feed
  • To any website (including your own) with an embedded HTML page

This article discusses how to configure an HTML webpage. We have additional articles on installing the Website Plug-in and creating RSS Feeds.

You configure HTML pages in the SugarWOD website. First login, then:

  1. Turn on workout publishing on the RSS / HTML Settings page.
  2. Choose the number of days (into the past) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you only want to publish the current day's workouts. Enter "7" to publish the past 7 days of workouts.
  3. Choose the number of days (into the future) you'd like to publish. Enter "0" if you do not want any future workouts to be included. No matter your setting here, workouts will abide by the Whiteboard publishing settings.
  4. Choose the workout tracks that should be included in the feed.
  5. Choose the "HTML" format.
  6. Copy the URL.

The URL will look something like this:["workout-of-the-day"]

Repeat steps 2-5 to create as many HTML pages as you need.

The URL that you copied in Step 5 can be used in many ways:

  • As a stand-alone web page (not really recommended)
  • Embedded in an <iframe> on your website
  • Embedded using a website plug-in (e.g. Remote Content Shortcode for WordPress)


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