iOS 4.0.0 (June 2017)

This is the biggest up to SugarWOD for iOS ever, with dozens of new features and fixes. We've created many news ways for athletes to be social with their box-mates and with their friends from other boxes. Box owners and coaches can interact more effectively with athletes through Whiteboard Announcements and Feed posts. There are also more branding opportunities with Whiteboard photos and a new Box Activity Feed.


What's New:

- Whiteboards now can have customized photos, gym announcements, and comments.

- Simple searching and "friending" of other athletes, in any box across the world.

- Friends Feed that includes workouts, PRs, photos and updates from your friends... in your box or in other boxes.

- New Athlete Profile for each of your friends, including charts, stats, PRs, photo sharing and activity feed.

- New Box Profile for your gym, including workout publishing, photo sharing and activity feed.

- Confetti! (you'll have to see this one for yourself :)



- Whiteboard photos can be customized for each box by coaches and gym owners.

- Coaches and box owners can publish daily announcements directly to the Whiteboard.

- Scoreboard can now be filtered to show just your friends or your entire gym.

- All announcements, coach's notes, and comments can include "tap-able" links to embed YouTube video, evites, Journal articles, etc.

 - Notifications now include new fistbumps, comments and friend requests.



What's Changed: 

-Coaches Whistle has been replaced with the slider icon. Now contains Whiteboard Programming, Add Photo, and Add Announcement. 

-Coach's Notes is now located on the bottom of the Whiteboard.

-Your Logbook is now located on the "Me" Page under your profile photo.

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